When it comes to organic products, think of a company that follows the process from the production stage until it is presented to you in the markets. As Biofarm, we set out to offer you quality in its pure and raw form in more than one variety by giving you this assurance. As we always say, we offer our consumers the most delicious form of fresh and healthy foods on this road to fight for your health in the healthiest way possible. Biofarm increases the product range, which we continue to develop with R&D studies, and offers a healthy alternative to our customers with more than one product.

We know what we eat because we know what we produce.

With our goal of being a globally competitive company, we continue to show our name not only in the production department, but also in the distribution of reliable food products to various markets, shopping centers, large chain markets and provide shelf support by constantly strengthening our logistics network and infrastructure.

The fresh and healthy products of the magnificent geography, where the Middle East is blended with Europe, are presented to your tables in the most delicious way by Biofarm’s quality!