Bio Organic 6 Pcs

AED 13.75

Organic quality is served you by 6 pieces of organic brown eggs in carton trays,

  • M size (53 – 62 g),
  • Antibiotics and hormones free eggs,
  • High nutritional values.
  • The eggs of chickens fed with Omega 3, 6 and 9, black cumin, marigold, walnut, safflower and many health ingredients which is used at certain rates.

Taking advantage of the developing technology, we set out with the understanding that the more the egg, which is rich in nutritional value, is used in many field, the better. We aim to offer you the eggs of chickens, whose growth and development stages are always followed, strengthened with years of R&D studies in order to obtain a healthier chicken and egg, and fed with organic certified feeds, not only as eggs, but as a food supplement. Because we think an egg is much more than an egg.

  • Eggs of chickens fed with non-synthetic, unfertilized or non-medicated feeds,
  • Eggs of chickens fed with organic certified feed,
  • Eggs of chickens with habitats that are not exposed to synthetic or chemical fertilization,
  • Eggs of chickens in farms away from environmental risks,
  • Organic eggs certified by international organizations such as Ecocert and IMO as a result of an ongoing audit